Late Gothic, Early Renaissance

Surface Ornament – Foliage and Scrollwork, Tracery

Ornament in the late Gothic and early Renaissance periods at the turn of the 16th century is surface ornament in the form of foliage and scrollwork or, in the case of the famous “Six Knots” by Albrecht Dürer (1507), continuous ornament. Ill 1 In architecture, tracery ornamentation developed correspondingly, moving from the simple lobe-like forms of the 13th century to the Flamboyant motifs of the 15th century.

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Ill.1.: Albrecht Dürer

Folio from the series der Sechs Knoten
Posthumous print
Germany, 16th century
HWoodcu 27,4 x 21,5 cm
M.A.K. I.N.: D 76

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Bernd Evers, Rainald Franz


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